Quick Instructions

You’ve got an already existing Facebook account and are familiar with it? Okay, then you can start directly and refer afflilates.

Note: The Facebook account can be blocked at any time by an algorithm. Further details can be found under the general tips in the premium area.

Here are the key steps to refer new affiliates:

  • Enter 5 to 10 money-making groups every day with at least 10000 members. In total, you should be in at least 20 and at most 100 groups.
  • Comment on about 5 to 10 other posts every day, for example with „info“. This reduces the likelihood that the Facebook account will be blocked, according to experience. You can safely ignore the answers received.
  • Publish daily in each group a post with your advertisement. An effective method is to let others comment and then directly link with a short text in response to each comment. Always avoid terms related to „making money“, „business“, „investment“, „home work“, and so on, to avoid an account suspension as much as possible.
  • Optional: Occasionally look in your Messenger for „Message Requests“ and „Filtered Messages“ to find messages from potential prospects.

Important Note:

Though many practice this, sending messages to prospects who have commented on their own post is not a very good option. The messages either end up in „message requests“ or at worst in „filtered messages“ – and normal Facebook users usually do not look into those categories. It is much more effective to post the link in response to comments. In this case even other interested parties can click on the link without requesting an info.

Another very effective method is to let others look at your own profile. For that you can simply add „Check my profile“ to your advertising text. Before you do that you should of course post an advertising text with link in your Timeline. The post should be at the top and public, so anyone can find it immediately.

Terms you can type in the Facebook search to find groups:

  • Earn money
  • Make money
  • Earn money online
  • Make money online
  • Passive income
  • Online Business
  • Network marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Online marketing
  • MLM

It’s all just routine and you’ll get the hang of it quickly. With this simple guide you will be able to advertise affiliates in the first week. With this instructions you can get the $100 bonus every week – even several times.

Posting in 100 groups takes about 30 minutes (it’s about 7 clicks per post) when you’re fast. The posting in 20 groups ideally takes no longer than 6 minutes.

You do not have to spend your whole life in posting into groups, just at the beginning you should take a little time each day. If you’ve ever referred enough affiliates, you can stop posting and your money will continue growing.

And don’t be frustrated if you have not referred an affiliate on the first day. Some people will sign up a few days later. Every time you refer an affiliate, you should send them a welcome message via e-mail. A template can be found here in the Premium section under General Tips.

Be consistent, pull your thing through, do not let others stop you or manipulate you and you can manage to get rich within a few months. Motivation is really everything you need to be successful in this business.