Step-by-step instruction

With this detailed beginner-friendly step-by-step instruction you will be able to refer new affiliates on Facebook within little time.

I would like to point out once again that the Facebook account can be blocked at any time (by an algorithm). I have tested out the blocking algorithm with many Facebook accounts and show you in this manual how to avoid a possible lock. Nevertheless, noone can guarantee that your Facebook account won’t be blocked! For more information on blockages, take alook into the Premium section and search under  General tips.

Usually, you only have 10 minutes of work a day. If you are not so familiar with Facebook maybe 20 minutes. You really ought to take your time every day if you really want to make money on the internet – and I’m feeling sure about that, otherwise you would not be here.

Note: The following instructions relates on the creation of new Facebook accounts. If you already have an active account, you can start at day 2, 3, 4 or 5 – depending on how active you have been before.

So let’s go!

Day 1

  1. Create a free Facebook account.
  2. Set up your profile: Upload a profile picture and select a title picture.
  3. Post a post in your timeline – no matter what you write, but do not post a link and avoid terms related to „making money“, „business“, „investment“, „home work“ and so on.
  4. Enter any term in the search field, for example the name of a company or event and click on the search button (magnifying glass).
  5. Then click on „Pages“ and then on any of the pages you see.
  6. Click the „Like“ button on the page.
  7. Find a post on the page: Like this post, comment on it briefly and share it (that’s how it gets posted in your timeline).

Day 2

  1. Repeat steps 3 to 7 from day 1. But do not post the old post again and choose another page.
  2. Type in the search box „Make Money on the Internet“ and click on the search button.
  3. Click groups this time to see a list of groups on making money on the internet.
  4. Select a maximum of 5 groups you want to join by clicking „+ Join“. At the beginning you should join groups with very different numbers of members: for example one with 6000, one with 16000 and one with 30000 members. It may now take a while for you to be included in the groups, but sometimes this happens very quickly.
  5. Under the menu item „Groups“ you will find all the groups you have joined. Once you have been accepted by a group as a member, you click on the group and comment on 5 other group posts. It’s best to comment on posts promoting something, even if you’re not interested. For example, a post inviting you to comment with „info“.

You may not be included in a group that day. In this case you can continue with step 5 the next day.

Note: To be on the safe side, you should read the rules of each group to see if you can advertise in this group at all.

Important: Don’t already post an own post into a group!

Day 3

  1. Repeat step 3 from day 1 only.
  2. Meanwhile, you should have received a few answers to your comments. For notifications (bell) and messages (speech bubble) under „message requests“ you will find the answers. You do not need to look at the offers – just say thank you all.
  3. Maybe you are a member of several groups by now. You do not need to click each group individually. If you click on „Home“, you can always find new posts from different groups. Now click on „Home“.
  4. Comment on 10 different group contributions. A short „info“ under appropriate contributions is sufficient.
  5. Now choose 5 more groups to join. Select only larger groups with at least 4000 members.

Day 4

  1. Repeat step 3 from day 1 only.
  2. Comment again 10 different group contributions.
  3. Write Thank you again for all the answers you have received so far.
  4. Search 5 more groups to join.
  5. Create a text with affiliate link on your profile and post it in your timeline. Avoid terms like „make money“, „business“, „investment“, „earn money“ and so on. A little further down you will find a sample text …
  6. Make this new post public so anyone can see it.
  7. Comment under your own post that others can ask their questions here or contact you by message.
  8. Optionally, you can now set all your previous posts so that only your friends can see them to draw full attention to your text.
  9. Click on the menu item „Groups“ and select one of the groups to post in it now. Create a group post and draw attention to your own profile. A little further down you will find a sample text …
  10. Optional and recommended: Disable commenting on your group post to avoid negative opinions or third-party ads.
  11. Repeat steps 9 and 10 until you have posted to each group once. Never ever post twice in a row in the same group!

Example of a promo text in your timeline:

🏡 Working home on the PC 🏠
🏦 $3900 and more possible each month 💰
🌎 Global – everyone can join 🌏
💻 10 minutes work a day   🖱️
➡️ Click here now: [Your affiliate link]

Example of promo text in groups:

🏡Computer work at home
$3900 each month💰
„Look at my profile“

It’s best to select a background image for group posts to draw the full attention to it!

Note: These sample texts work very well! However, you should choose another ad text if you see that many other Facebook users also use this ad text. In the premium section you will find more promotional text templates. Of course you can also come up with your own text.

To draw attention to one’s own profile in groups is just one of several methods. In the premium section under „General tips“ you will be shown more variations. The advantage of this method is that the likelihood of being blocked by Facebook is rather low and you hardly have any work …

From day 5 on

OK. If you are not locked yet, you have survived the hardest part, because the Facebook algorithm did not classify you as a „spammer“.

From now on, you can have it easier. You do not need to post into your timeline any more and you also ignore the answers to your comments on other group posts. From now on you only need to do the following steps every day:

  1. Comment on about 10 different group posts.
  2. Post your promo text in each group once.
  3. Select 5 to 10 more groups to join (until you’re satisfied).
  4. If necessary, remove spam comments on the promo text in your timeline and answer the questions about your promo text by message or comment.

To be successful, you should join a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 100 groups. Instead of entering „Make Money on the Internet“ into the Facebook search bar to find groups, you can also enter other terms. Here some examples:

  • Home business
  • Make money
  • Secondary income
  • Passive income
  • Earn money
  • Online Business
  • Earn money online
  • Job
  • Online job
  • Network Marketing / Network Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Online marketing
  • MLM

As you can see, the choice is huge, because for each topic you will find a large number of groups with many members. The pie is big enough for everyone.

Pure routine

From now on, everything is just routine. You will get the hang of it quickly and with very high probability will refer new affiliates as soon as possible.

Take the steps from day 5 every day and you will progress! And as soon as you have referred enough motivated affiliates (5 to 10 are sufficient), who also follow this instruction here, you can sit back and enjoy a life in complete freedom!