Text templates

Group posts

You can find proven text templates, which are specifically aimed as group posts on Facebook here:

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Note: Although these templates have been tested successfully, there is no guarantee that your Facebook account will not be blocked anyway! Replace the call to action at your own discretion („Comment with info, Ask me how“, „Check my profile“ etc.) You can also omit the call to action, then most will comment on „info“ or send you a message.

In addition, it makes sense to select a background image, if necessary to get the full attention with your text template! Unfortunately, texts without a background image are rarely considered. If you post a link in the post, you can not select a background image (except with external tools, which I advise against).

If you want to create longer text templates without a background image, make sure that you see the whole text without having to open it. Most do not click to see rhe whole text (probably because they do not know how to do that).

Private messages & comments

Here you can use proven text templates specially designed for private messages and responses to other Facebook comments (for example, if someone asks for info):

Hi 👍 You can find all the needed info here: [Your link] Send me a message if you’ve got any questions. And indeed, it does really work, otherwise I would not be participating.

Hi! Here is the info [Your link] If you’ve got any questions, just take a look at the FAQ or send me a message.

Hello, here is all the needed information: 💰 [Your link] 💰

Hi, you just have to post into Facebook groups, as I do here. All information here [Your link]

Hi, here is my invitation for you to also get to know the sunny side of life: [Your link]

I recommend not to write too long texts, as this seems rather dissuasive to most and the text is then not even read.