Psychological tricks

Here are some tricks that are commonly used in internet marketing to achieve faster and better results.

General communication tricks

Occasionally, prospects will contact you personally, whether over the Facebook Messenger, the Facebook comments, by e-mail or as a message in a forum. A few simple tricks will help you refer these prospects as an affiliate:

  • Do not try too hard to refer new affiliates. If the prospect thinks that you seem to have a need to refer affiliates, he will certainly not sign up for GDI.
  • You should also answer questions from a prospect briefly and succinctly, without describing the business too tempting. His basic interest has already been awakened. Let him know that he only has to post in Facebook groups and occasionally answer a few questions. This shows him how easy money-making with GDI works.
  • If a prospect is not sure yet if he should sign up for GDI, you may be able to offer him a small bonus, such as a GDI gift certificate or special knowledge that you have. This knowledge includes, for example, the various tips that you have found here.
  • In any case, secure the prospective customer further support after logging in, which gives him more confidence.
  • In general, you should avoid reacting on negative feedback, especially when it is written as a comment, this is more professional. If you react to any nonsense and try to justify yourself, others will think that you obviously have problems with your online business and do not make money from it. It’s also a waste of time. Just block those people so they do not bother you in the future. After all, you want to make money.
  • If anyone asks you how long you’ve been a GDI partner, how many people you’ve already refer, and how much you’ve earned, then you can just let him know that you’ve been advised not to tell anyone the exact details , After all, everyone should earn money and not just people who are already successful. Of course, you can simply ignore such questions or give vague answers.

NLP techniques

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a collection of communication techniques and methods for changing mental processes in humans. These techniques may seem familiar to you from your everyday life, but you may never have noticed. Many successful people use these techniques to convince others of something. If you want, you can use NLP techniques to encourage prospects to sign up for GDI as soon as possible. Here are some proven NLP techniques:

Deliberate reflection

Deliberate mirroring is the conscious imitation of other people, so that they feel comfortable. In this NLP technique, the peculiarities of the other person are studied and copied: language, opinions, body language, speaking speed, gestures, body position, facial expressions, volume or breathing. This makes the user of this technique more sympathetic.

This technique can also be used online while communicating via messenger, e-mail, etc. However, you should not overdo it, as interested parties otherwise feel embarrassed or maladjusted.

If you want to use this technique, you simply copy the style of writing of the prospect: the spelling (lowercase and uppercase letters), greeting, farewell, the opinion, the response time when answering, spelling mistakes, emojis or punctuation marks. Thus you can collect sympathy points with the prospective customer, if you employ it cleverly.

Artificial scarcity

Due to artificial scarcity a prospect is suggested that a commodity is only limited available.

Many traders use this technique to create additional pressure on the potential customer to quickly decide to buy a product.

You can apply this technique by telling a prospect that you do not have much time left and are about to go offline – and that if he quickly logs in to GDI, you can just assist him and answer open questions.

GDI vouchers are also based on the same principle. You can make it clear to the prospect that you only have a few vouchers available (as a premium partner, it is only 3 per month anyway) and if he does not cash the voucher as soon as possible, another would get it.